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Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light 30ml

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light 30ml


Product Information

  • Paint coating that adds a beautiful gloss and durable protection
  • Gtechniq proudly claims the protection will last 3 - 5 years
  • Designed after the professional use only, Crystal Serum Pro


Whats included

  • 1x Bottle of CSL
  • 1x Dropper/pipette
  • 1x Applicator pad
  • 1x Pair of gloves
  • Instruction/info sheet
  • Gtechniq sticker


  • Application and storage

    • To apply CSL your vehicle must be indoors and it must remain indoors for at least 12 hours after application
    • Wash and decontaminate your vehicle's paintwork. If required, clay your paintwork to remove other bonded contaminants
    • If needed, polish your paintwork, either by machine or by hand, to remove any imperfections
    • Spray Panel Wipe onto a microfiber towel towel
    • With your panel fully cooled after polishing, taking care to avoid any paint protection film or other types of vinyl film, buff away all polish residues. This process ensures you will get the maximum number of chemical bonds between the coating and your vehicle's paintwork
    • Put on gloves to prevent CSL coming into contact with your skin
    • Soak the applicator pad with two full measures from the pipette and work the liquid into the pad to get an even saturation
    • Replace the lid on the bottle and set aside - do not keep the bottle in your hand as this promotes premature curing
    • Apply with applicator provided in overlapping strokes to an area roughly 2' x 2', or work to the bodylines of the vehicle
    • After coating a single small panel or half a larger panel, remove residue with a clean microfib