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Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap Remover

Nextzett Anti Insekt Bug & Sap Remover

  • Paint safe pre-wash degreaser that effectively helps loosen stubborn contamination prior to washing
  • Avoid scrubbing to remove tar, bugs, etc. which will minimize adding swirls and scratches to your paint
  • Safe to use on head lights, chrome, glass, rubber, plastic and paint surfaces
  • Directions/Use

    Easily removes insects, sap road grime and tar. Environmentally-friendly.Anti-Insekt removes bugs, road grime, sap, and tar from all surfaces including paintwork, glass, metal, rubber and plastic without the use of harsh, wax-stripping cleaners or the need for the bug sponges that can scratch the paint. Use on bumpers, trim, fenders, and lower body panels prior to washing. Water-based, biodegradable and enzyme-free so it's gentle on skin.

    Directions: Shake well before use. Test for compatibility on weathered and freshly painted finishes prior to use. Apply only on cool surface and out of direct sunlight. Spray onto the surfaces to be treated. Allow to work for no more than 3 minutes. Do not allow to dry, If needed, gently agitate with soft 100% cotton terry towel. Hose or wash off thoroughly. Use only as directed. Please recycle empty container when possible.

    Note: Test for suitability on weathered and newly painted paintwork. Use only as directed, Please recycle empty container when possible.

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