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Poorboy's World SuperHydrophobic Ceramic Coating Kit 30ml

Poorboy's World SuperHydrophobic Ceramic Coating Kit 30ml


Product Information

-Easy to apply, yet durable protective coating

-Adds a tremendous amount of gloss and shine

-Can be applied to paint, glass, smooth plastics, wheels and chrome


Smooth Surface Coating for:

  • Paint
  • Glass
  • Wheels
  • Plastic
  • Chrome

Poorboy's World SuperHydrophobic Ceramic Coating is an easy to apply nano ceramic SiO2 coating for smooth surfaces that include clearcoat, glass, plastic, wheels, and chrome.



  • Application


    • Ensure the surface is clean and free of contaminants. Use the Poorboy's World Surface Prep Spray to remove polishing oils or surfactants.
    • Shake well
    • Wrap a suede towel around applicator and apply a few drops of Ceramic Coating
    • Focus on 3'x3' section. Apply in straight lines with overlapping passes
    • Glide a suede cloth across the surface to ensure a level surface
    • Gentely buff the surface with a soft microfiber towel and inspect the finish before moving to the next section
    • Second layer may be applied after 20 minutes. Avoid exposure to moisture for 12 hours and allow 48 hours before washing.
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